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One Time Pin for SharePoint - Per User - Annual Subscription

One Time Pin for SharePoint - Per User - Annual Subscription

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Two-Factor authentication for SharePoint.  Secure SharePoint sites with a one time pin delivered to your mobile device.

SharePoint is a very popular platform and used by 80% of fortune 500 companies to manage their content because of the level of trust they have in the security of the product. However in this day and age people expect data easily and need it quickly, which is why Single Sign On was created, one password to rule them all, log in once and never be prompted again. While this has cured the endless password popup prompts, this has created a major security flaw. In the IT Security business this SSO creates a very eggshell type environment, where no matter how secure your password once that layer of security has been breached everything else is vulnerable.

Enter One Time Pin for SharePoint, an additional layer of security to harden any SharePoint site no matter On Premises or Office 365. This additional layer of security locks down a specific SharePoint site with two-factor authentication sending a One Time Pin to your phone via a mobile application.

Find out more at One Time Pin for SharePoint website 

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